About 0xADADA


Software engineer, open web enthusiast, essayist, privacy and encryption advocate. Idealist. Recovering techno-utopian.

0xADADA is working on open source and web related companies in the Boston area; graduated from Northeastern University with degrees in Computer Science and Cognitive Psychology.


"@0xADADA is the hat expert."

—@qtychr Twitter

"[0xADADA] often wore a colored T-shirt with the day of the week printed on it. At midweek he wore a green 'Wednesday' T-shirt; on the next day he wore a “Thursday” T-shirt in navy blue."

—Joseph M. Reagle Hacking Life: Systematized Living and Its Discontents

"[0xADADA is an] A**hole confrontational cyclist looking for a fight."

—@isaacbstoner Twitter


  • Alignment?
    Chaotic Neutral
  • Where do you live?
    Greater Boston Area, Massachusetts USA.
  • What do you do for work?
    I build web and mobile apps on the internet.
  • What hardware do you use?
    Apple Macbookpro. At home I'm still productive on battle-hardened Early-2011 8,2 (w/ SSD & ram upgrades). I sometimes travel with a Samsung Chromebook 3, and find it more useful every day. I ride a custom built track bike all year. I carry a Google Pixel 5". I've been a long fan of Google Android hardware having used the HTC Dream/G1, Nexus S and Nexus 5. I always leave home with whatever book I'm reading at the moment paired with a Moleskine notebook for note-taking and writing essays. At work and home, I have a customized Kenisis Ergo Advantage keyboard with Cherry MX brown switches and keytravel reducer o-rings.
  • What Software?
    macOS, Android and Chrome OS. iTerm2 and RXVT terminals get a ton of use. Firefox is my primary browser and Chrome for development. I use neovim for development and writing. Proton for email. Signal for text messaging along with Twitter. I use Git and GitHub quite a lot. Transmission and Resilio Sync for file transfers. For getting shit done, my homebrew manifest will tell you the regular tools I use. On Android i like Strava for tracking my runs, Goodreads for reading, and Pocket has a great text-to-speech mode that makes it easy to listen to articles and white papers working out or running. I listen to podcasts with Player.fm.
  • When did you start web development?
    In 1996, shortly after I got on the internet. I started a mock web consulting agency, and companies started actually hiring me to build their websites.
  • What would be your dream setup?
    A cabin in the mountains and a Mid-2015 Macbook Pro 11,5, 15.4"/2.8 Quad-core i7/16GB/1TB-Flash. This was the best laptop ever made by Apple, last good one before the shitty touchbar generation. Otherwise a good 27" retina display, and a keyboard. Ample space for books and a library nearby.
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