1. Elasticity Versus Discipline
    A central issue of contestation is elasticity versus discipline, elasticity for me and discipline for you, alchemy of banking and money funding for me, austerity and debt for you.
  2. Warai Otoko (笑い男) Animated Logo
    Animated SVG logo of an asset from Ghost in the Shell using CSS transforms
  3. random-emoji v1.0.0
    random emoji function with zero dependencies
  4. On Fascism
    Fascism is a cult of the archaic fitted out by modern technology
  5. Using Ember FastBoot in Weird Ways
    This talk was presented at Salsify, Inc about our usecase for deploying FastBoot to do server-side rendering of Ember applications at large scale.
  6. Essential Ember Addons: The State of the Ember Addon Ecosystem in 2019
    A list of Ember addons that I use in most of my projects
  7. The City and The Freezing of Life
    The drive to urbanization is an imperative of capitalism, this drive results in 'a freezing of life'— a static world devoid of spontaneity, the result of land development and bureaucratic zoning laws optimized for rent seeking and increased land valuations, devoid of nature and where its residents have no ability to change their surroundings to suit their daily ways of living
  8. Extending the browser with the lingua franca of the web
    Understanding WebExtensions; how to create browser extensions using standard web technologies— JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  9. An Interview Question: Write a chainable n-argument sum function
    Writing a javascript function to sum multiple inputs with chainable invocation
  10. Against Facebook
    On the commodification of attention, the abuses of unpaid microwork and strategies of resistance.