1. What is Bitcoin Backed By?
    When friends ask me 'yes, but what is bitcoin backed by?' this is what I tell them.
  2. Best Practices for Writing CSS
    Conventions to help writing performant, maintainable stylesheets
  3. A Study of Adobe Photoshop Scrollbars
    Evaluating software quality on visual polish
  4. Travel Writing
    How travel provides new perspectives and meaning.
  5. VIM Cheatsheet
    Motion, keyboard commands and shortcuts for VI Improved
  6. A Connect Four Playing AI Agent: Algorithm and Creation Process
    This paper documents the creation and testing of a game playing artificial intelligence (AI) agent program. The agent is designed to play a game of Connect Four by Milton-Bradely.
  7. Speech Segmentation in Japanese and English Bilinguals
    The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the existing literature concerning speech segmentation, categorical perception, and some other issues concerning bilinguals of English and Japanese
  8. Hikikomori/Otaku Japans Latest Out-Group - Creating Social Outcasts to Construct a National Self-identity
    This article will describe an overview, differentiation from otaku, potential social causes, victimization, and the social impact of acute social-withdrawl or hikikomori in Japanese society.