1. The Society of the Spectacle: Foreword
    I've been writing a new edition of Debord's 1967 book The Society of the Spectacle, one adapted for our present moment. This edition is out now. This is the Foreword to that edition
  2. On Looting
    Looting is an obvious response to the glorification of consumer products
  3. Elasticity Versus Discipline
    A central issue of contestation is elasticity versus discipline, elasticity for me and discipline for you, alchemy of banking and money funding for me, austerity and debt for you.
  4. The City and The Freezing of Life
    The drive to urbanization is an imperative of capitalism, this drive results in 'a freezing of life'β€” a static world devoid of spontaneity, the result of land development and bureaucratic zoning laws optimized for rent seeking and increased land valuations, devoid of nature and where its residents have no ability to change their surroundings to suit their daily ways of living
  5. What is Bitcoin Backed By?
    When friends ask me 'yes, but what is bitcoin backed by?' this is what I tell them.