My writing, mostly articles and essays that have been published here and elsewhere.

  1. The Society of the Spectacle: Foreword
    I've been writing a new edition of Debord's 1967 book The Society of the Spectacle, one adapted for our present moment. This edition is out now. This is the Foreword to that edition
  2. The U.S. is a Failed Experiment
    What started as an Enlightenment experiment in democratic capitalism had the wrong assumptions of the human spirit from the beginning
  3. Testimony to Defund the Police in Somerville
    A more just society that applies to all members of our community is one without police
  4. On Looting
    Looting is an obvious response to the glorification of consumer products
  5. Elasticity Versus Discipline
    A central issue of contestation is elasticity versus discipline, elasticity for me and discipline for you, alchemy of banking and money funding for me, austerity and debt for you.
  6. On Fascism
    Fascism is a cult of the archaic fitted out by modern technology
  7. The City and The Freezing of Life
    The drive to urbanization is an imperative of capitalism, this drive results in 'a freezing of life'— a static world devoid of spontaneity, the result of land development and bureaucratic zoning laws optimized for rent seeking and increased land valuations, devoid of nature and where its residents have no ability to change their surroundings to suit their daily ways of living
  8. Against Facebook
    On the commodification of attention, the abuses of unpaid microwork and strategies of resistance.
  9. How Do Not Track and The EU GDPR Promise to Disrupt the Future of Web Advertising
    Since the advent of the first banner ads, web tracking has gradually developed practices that are intrinsically based on a disrespect for peoples privacy, DNT and the EU GDPR will disrupt those practices.
  10. One Year with Ember
    Thoughts on Ember after a year of use.
  11. Before Trump Takes Office
    A description of the high-water mark before Trump takes office.
  12. Travel Writing - Redux, Italy & Switzerland Edition
    How travel does not provide new perspectives or meaning.
  13. A Retrospective — Responsive Design
    Not too long ago, there was a great debate between two sides of the web. The 'Responsive' web vs the 'm.'' web. One pushing for a single codebase that responds to user-context and another pushing for a second, mobile-only approach (typically using a subdomain starting with m.) Its clear now, the responsive web has won.
  14. on logging
    Thoughts and best practices on application logging
  15. Development Lifecycle with Docker and Elastic Beanstalk
    This article explains the advantages of using Docker over automated configuration management tools, and describes a workflow from development through QA and into production deployment using Amazons' Elastic Beanstalk.
  16. When to Use Git Merge vs Git Rebase
    This article will attempt to provide an overview to the different workflows, and explain when merge and rebase are the more appropriate workflow to use.
  17. “So what do you do?” — How Idle Conversation Escalates Tensions in Class Inequality
    Performativity in idle conversation is annoying and harmful
  18. Approaches for Pushing Do Not Track to the edges
    Do Not Track (DNT) is dying a slow death, but we can take some simple steps to encourage its wider adoption.
  19. Understanding Media, Reversal of the Overheated Media
    Understanding Media, even more relevant today.
  20. Best Practices for Writing CSS
    Conventions to help writing performant, maintainable stylesheets
  21. Travel Writing
    How travel provides new perspectives and meaning.
  22. Speech Segmentation in Japanese and English Bilinguals
    The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the existing literature concerning speech segmentation, categorical perception, and some other issues concerning bilinguals of English and Japanese
  23. Hikikomori/Otaku Japans Latest Out-Group - Creating Social Outcasts to Construct a National Self-identity
    This article will describe an overview, differentiation from otaku, potential social causes, victimization, and the social impact of acute social-withdrawl or hikikomori in Japanese society.