Essays by guest authors of relevance and importance.

  1. Testimony on Defunding the Police in Somerville by Paige P.
    Saying “defund the police” means taking money away from a racist organization that supports white supremacy and oppresses and kills people of color.
  2. Encouraging individual sovereignty and a healthy commons
    Mark Zuckerberg’s manifesto outlines his vision for a centralised global colony ruled by the Silicon Valley oligarchy. I say we must do the exact opposite and create a world with individual sovereignty and a healthy commons.
  3. Optimism is your weapon!, Inherently Good, and the Public Good
    This essay aims in a very Lakoff way to introduce readers to key words that hopefully will stick and roll off the tongue when recalled. Its quality is also the product of being pressed for time but…
  4. pandora’s vox: on community in cyberspace
    when i went into cyberspace i went into it thinking that it was a place like any other place and that it would be a human interaction like any other human interaction. i was wrong when i thought that