Thoughts, ideas, scribbles, inspirations, and writing that hasn’t been fully formed. Verbum vomite, in other words.

  1. Bandersnatch Advertising
    Black Mirror Bandersnatch is the first example of a future of personalized content marketing based on user behavior— where ads and content are impossible to distinguish because they've become the same thing.
  2. The BRZ Type RA Subaru Can't Build
    The Type RA badge on a Subaru is about what the car can never be
  3. Right to Repair - 2020 - Vote YES on Question 1
    Right to Repair isn't about consumers safety, it's about personal property
  4. macOS command line tricks and tips
    Set current user profile image, display 24H time in the menubar and more.
  5. Review - Opus by Satoshi Kon
    a brilliant postmodernist introspection of the challenges of writing
  6. Notes on Programming Phoenix for Elixir
    Notes and observations on the Phoenix web framework for Elixir
  7. #isotsp Instagram: Society of the Spectacle Project
    An exhibition open to Instagram users from October 6th 2016 until it completes in 2017.
  8. A mix for musicForProgramming.net Podcast
    a DJ set of ambient, drone and EDM intended to help concentration.
  9. Understanding Media, Reversal of the Overheated Media
    Understanding Media, even more relevant today.
  10. A Study of Adobe Photoshop Scrollbars
    Evaluating software quality on visual polish
  11. Visual Commentary Propaganda Pastiche
    A visual commentary on the Keep Calm and Carry On poster