I’m concerned with the topic of privacy and how technology can both enhance and detract from privacy.

  1. Bandersnatch Advertising
    Black Mirror Bandersnatch is the first example of a future of personalized content marketing based on user behavior— where ads and content are impossible to distinguish because they've become the same thing.
  2. Against Facebook
    On the commodification of attention, the abuses of unpaid microwork and strategies of resistance.
  3. How Do Not Track and The EU GDPR Promise to Disrupt the Future of Web Advertising
    Since the advent of the first banner ads, web tracking has gradually developed practices that are intrinsically based on a disrespect for peoples privacy, DNT and the EU GDPR will disrupt those practices.
  4. Encouraging individual sovereignty and a healthy commons
    Mark Zuckerberg’s manifesto outlines his vision for a centralised global colony ruled by the Silicon Valley oligarchy. I say we must do the exact opposite and create a world with individual sovereignty and a healthy commons.
  5. Approaches for Pushing Do Not Track to the edges
    Do Not Track (DNT) is dying a slow death, but we can take some simple steps to encourage its wider adoption.