I create software, media, photography, and other projects.

  1. Ember Templates: Classic vs Angle Bracket Syntaxes
    Diving into the difference between Ember component invocation when using curlies, angle brackets, and s-expression in Ember templates.
  2. Warai Otoko (笑い男) Animated Logo
    Animated SVG logo of an asset from Ghost in the Shell using CSS transforms
  3. random-emoji v1.0.0
    random emoji function with zero dependencies
  4. uri-editor.js Bookmarklet
    uri-editor.js: A HTML WYSIWYG text editor written in one line of HTML, deployed with a URL
  5. Essential Ember Addons: The State of the Ember Addon Ecosystem in 2019
    A list of Ember addons that I use in most of my projects
  6. Extending the browser with the lingua franca of the web
    Understanding WebExtensions; how to create browser extensions using standard web technologies— JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  7. An Interview Question: Write a chainable n-argument sum function
    Writing a javascript function to sum multiple inputs with chainable invocation
  8. system-font-i18n-css
    A modern native system font stack for consistent multi-lingual typesetting, optimized by unicode ranges.
  9. ember-i18n-changeset-validations
    An Ember addon that provides internationalized validation messages to ember-changeset-validations
  10. Animating SVG with CSS
    How to use SVG and CSS to create dynamic imagery
  11. #isotsp Instagram: Society of the Spectacle Project
    An exhibition open to Instagram users from October 6th 2016 until it completes in 2017.
  12. A mix for musicForProgramming.net Podcast
    a DJ set of ambient, drone and EDM intended to help concentration.
  13. Installing (encrypted) Arch Linux on an Apple MacBook Pro
    A howto guide for installing encrypted Arch Linux on an Apple MacBook Pro with battery optimization and the Awesome window manager.
  14. RASpec Impreza 2.0 - Subaru Impreza WRX STI Race Car - Full specifications
    Build specifications for a Subaru WRX STI time attack race car
  15. A Connect Four Playing AI Agent: Algorithm and Creation Process
    This paper documents the creation and testing of a game playing artificial intelligence (AI) agent program. The agent is designed to play a game of Connect Four by Milton-Bradely.