Software Development

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  1. macOS command line tricks and tips
    Set current user profile image, display 24H time in the menubar and more.
  2. Ember Templates: Classic vs Angle Bracket Syntaxes
    Diving into the difference between Ember component invocation when using curlies, angle brackets, and s-expression in Ember templates.
  3. Notes on Programming Phoenix for Elixir
    Notes and observations on the Phoenix web framework for Elixir
  4. One Year with Ember
    Thoughts on Ember after a year of use.
  5. JavaScript The Good Parts
    Javascript The Good Parts notes
  6. A Retrospective — Responsive Design
    Not too long ago, there was a great debate between two sides of the web. The 'Responsive' web vs the 'm.'' web. One pushing for a single codebase that responds to user-context and another pushing for a second, mobile-only approach (typically using a subdomain starting with m.) Its clear now, the responsive web has won.
  7. on logging
    Thoughts and best practices on application logging
  8. Development Lifecycle with Docker and Elastic Beanstalk
    This article explains the advantages of using Docker over automated configuration management tools, and describes a workflow from development through QA and into production deployment using Amazons' Elastic Beanstalk.
  9. When to Use Git Merge vs Git Rebase
    This article will attempt to provide an overview to the different workflows, and explain when merge and rebase are the more appropriate workflow to use.
  10. Best Practices for Writing CSS
    Conventions to help writing performant, maintainable stylesheets