RASpec Impreza 2.0 - Subaru Impreza WRX STI Race Car - Full specifications

About the Car

The car is a 2002 Subaru WRX "bugeye" chassis purchased in 2011 and fully restored from 2013 to 2015. The car was built by DENT Sport Garage and German Performance Service in Massachusetts.

The goal I established for the RASpec Impreza was a cross-campaign race car capable of competing in time attack, time trial, hillclimb and wheel-to-wheel racing series up and down the East Coast.

This car was originally purchased in 2004, and gradually transformed from street car into full race car. The build was done iteratively informed from performance metrics at races.

RASpec Impreza 2.0

2019 Update

This car is now owned and campaigned at Global Time Attack and other events by Bad Panda Motorsports.

"Flexo" (formerly the RASpec Impreza) v3.0


RASpec Impreza 1.0 at Carolina Motorsports Park, SC. Redline Time Attack. Video captures engine sound at wide open throttle.
James Elterman and the Takata Impreza in chase of the RASpec Impreza 1.0 during Sunday morning practice at Redline Time Attack at Englishtown Raceway. Video by James Elterman.


The chassis is a 2002 model year, GDA/B code.

The restoration began with a complete tear-down. Everything not welded to the chassis was removed, tagged and inspected. Anything not required for racing such as the interior and OEM suspension was sold. Anything worn was cataloged, and new factory OEM replacements were ordered (such as chassis gommets and rubber window seals). The paint and rubberized under-body weatherproofing was removed by media-blasting and sanding. Next the chassis was fully seam-welded. Finally the roll cage was built and the car was freshly painted white.

  • WEIGHT: 2762 lbs
  • CAGE: SCCA multi-point rollcage
  • CHASSIS: The entire chassis has been seam-welded



The RASpec Impreza engine is a JDM EJ207 WRX STI 2-liter engine running the Tomei 2.2l stroker kit. The Tomei 2.2l stroker kit was chosen as it is complete with pistons, rods and the lightened, custom journaled crankshaft. The heads are sourced from a JDM Spec-C WRX STI that come from the factory with larger ports, and factory polished.

Engine bay.

The engine was built to tolerances provided by the team running the Cusco / Tomei / Voltex Time Attack Impreza as they use the same engine stroker kit.

The intake side has a custom fabricated front mounted intercooler (design is inspired by the Subaru Impreza WRC S10 design) pressurized by a Garrett GT3076R turbo using a TiAL GT30 turbine housing to feed the reverse mounted JDM STI intake manifold (no TGVs).

Engine intake and turbo. Intercooler detail.

The turbo wastegate is a TiAL MR-R 44mm. The turbo uses the TiAL V-Band Clamp and Flange System to allow full 306 degree rotation for optimal turbo positioning.

Garett GT3076r and TiAL turbine housing with v-band clamp. TiAL wastegate.
  • ENGINE: JDM WRX STI EJ207 block
  • ENGINE: JDM WRX STI Spec-C heads (Ported & polished)
  • ENGINE: JDM s202 Spec-C valve covers (wrinkle red)
  • ENGINE: Tomei forged pistons 92.5x79mm (2.2l stroker kit)
  • ENGINE: Tomei forged rots (2.2l stroker kit)
  • ENGINE: Tomei balanced crankshaft (2.2l stroker kit)
  • ENGINE: Tomei bearings
  • ENGINE: ARP head studs
  • ENGINE: Cosworth 275 degree cam shafts
  • ENGINE: Spark plugs NGK BKR7E (stock #4644)
  • TURBO: Garrett GT3076R (A/R 0.82)
  • TURBO: Tial MV-R 44mm external wastegate
  • TURBO: TiAL GT30 Turbine Housing
  • OIL: Cosworth oil pump
  • OIL: Oil starvation baffler
  • OIL: Mocal oil cooler
  • OIL: Crawford Performance Air/Oil Separator
  • RADIATOR: Koyo aluminum
  • INTERCOOLER: Griffin custom front mount intercooler
  • EXHAUST: Stainless custom by DENT Sport Garage
Mocal oil cooler setup (left), mounted in the front of the car. Front mounted intercooler and radiator also visible (right).


  • CLUTCH: ACT 6-puck
  • HARDWARE: Cusco transmission mount brackets
  • HARDWARE: Cusco transmission hard mount bushings
  • CONTROLLER: DCCDPro Delux DCCD controller
  • LSD: OEM
  • LSD: Rear Cusro RS (1.5-way rear)
  • LSD: Center STI
  • LINKAGE: Kartboy short shifter linkage kit


Stance GR+ adjustable coilovers with external resovoirs.
  • COILOVERS: Stance GR+ 3-day adjustable coilovers
  • LINKS: Cusco 3-way adjustable rear sway bar
  • LINKS: Pillowball swaybar end links
  • LINKS: Whiteline adjustable rear lateral links
  • LINKS: STI Front control arms
  • HARDWARE: 6Gun Racing Ball joint extenders w/ tie rod ends
  • HARDWARE: ARP Long wheel studs
  • HARDWARE: Whiteline control arm anti-lift kit
  • WHEELS: VOLK CE28N Time Attacks 17" x 9" 5x114.3 +30
  • BRAKES: PF Performance Friction 2-piece floating rotors w/ aluminum hats
  • BRAKES: PFC Brake pads (#0460.01.15.44 132mm x 61mm x 16mm)
  • BRAKES: Stainless steel braided brake lines
Cusco 3-way adjustable rear sway bar on anodized Pillowball endlinks. All hardware and mounts are new. Wheel studs are the long-type.


  • FUEL: SARD Fuel surge tank (trunk mounted)
  • ENGINE: RC Engineering 1000cc injectors
SARD fuel surge tank located in the trunk.


  • Vi-PEC ECU
  • ELECTRONICS: Ballenger Motorsports AFR500 Wideband O2 Air Fuel Ratio monitor kit


The exterior is stock, with a few OEM components. The front bumper is running the "Double Lip Combo" setup. The upper is the 2002 Prodrive V2 lip and the lower is the 2006-2007 V-Limited lip.

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  • COLOR: "Audi R8 White"
  • HOOD: Scoote carbon fiber 2002 WRX hood
  • HOOD: Aerocatch hood pins
  • LIP: Prodrive "V2" 2002 WRX lower front bumper lip
  • LIP: 2006 Subaru STI V-Limited lower front bumper lip
  • FENDER: Rear wheel fenders are rolled & pulled to accommodate larger
  • BLINKER: STI carbon front blinker covers


The interior is fairly spartan and without adornment. Only the essentials.

  • STEETING: MOMO steering wheel
  • SEAT: BRIDE Zeta-3 (Red)
  • GAUGES: Defi BF-series Oil pressure, Boost pressure & Water temperature
  • GAUGES: Digital A/F Meter
  • SAFETY: Emergency battery/ignition cut-off switch
  • SAFETY: G-Force 6 point Cam-lock Harness
  • SAFETY: NASCAR Window Net (Drivers side)
  • SAFETY: Beat Rush trunk bulkhead panel

Spare Package

The car comes with additional spares, hardware and accessories.

Spare hardware. Spare (new) Performance Friction rotors.
  • BRAKES: PF Performance Friction rotors (New)
  • SUSPENSION: OEM STI Rear Lateral Links (New)
  • FUEL: 15 gal VP 109 octane race gas
  • WING: Origin GT Wing (plane only)


The "RASpec Impreza 1.0" racing at Summit Point in the Redline Time Attack series, 2010.

I raced the RASpec 1.0 at COM Time Trial events, the Redline Time Attack series, the BMW Sports Car Club track events, and New England Hillclimb series.

A crash at a New England Hillclimb Race Series in 2010 ended the useable life of the "RASpec Impreza 1.0", and I began searching for a "bugeye" Impreza to use as a new chassis for the "2.0" version of the RASpec Impreza.

In 2011 I found a "bugeye" WRX that would serve as the perfect base for a new race car. The bugeye was parted-out and stripped, and the build of my second race car began. It was only fitting that it be called the "RASpec Impreza 2.0".

The key features of the 2.0 version that were improvements over the 1.0 version were as follows:

  • Fully stripped, media-blasted, caged and seam-welded chassis in order to reduce weight and increase rigidity
  • Simplify turbo and intercooler setup to reduce maintenance and increase air flow

The resulting product of the build is a car that is lighter, faster and easier to maintain than the first race car. The "RASpec Impreza 2.0" is a better overall car, it takes the best aspects of the 1.0 and simplifies until there is nothing else to take away— creating a minimalist race-ready track platform.

Significant Results

  • 2006
  • 2007
    • COMSCC Season Standings
      • 3rd place - ST2 Street Touring 2 (of 10)
    • COMSCC June Mosport international Raceway
      • 2nd Place - ST2 Street Touring 2 (of 3)
    • COMSCC July - NHMS
      • 1st Place - ST2 Street Touring 2 (of 5)
  • 2009
  • 2010
    • Duryea Hillclimb - August
      • 1st Place / 4th overall - Improved Touring E (of 103)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes the car track-only?
    Its a fully-built race car, so its been stripped to the bare essentials. This means no headlights, no wiper bottle, no seatbelts (harness only), no OEM seat brackets, no ODB-II.
  • What does it need to go racing?
    I would get new tires, bleed the brakes and adjust the alignment. Alignment should be set to your preferences for how you like the car to turn-in and rotate. You may want to adjust the ride-height as well.
  • How many track miles on it?
    None. The chassis has 0 track miles on it, and the engine has been freshly rebuilt. The only "time" its seen is on the dyno while it was being tuned.
  • Horsepower?
    Currently it's running a conservative base map dialed for 350 wheel horse power at 20lbs of boost. This tune was done at Synaptic3 Performance for a practice day where we were focusing on suspension setup and were not racing. The previous tune made 400whp at 23lbs of boost. On dyno testing its made much more at higher boost, but we've dialed it back to increase engine longevity. Using the same engine parts, tolerances and turbo, Cusco / Tomei / Voltex made 500whp.