1. The BRZ Type RA Subaru Can't Build
    The Type RA badge on a Subaru is about what the car can never be
  2. Right to Repair - 2020 - Vote YES on Question 1
    Right to Repair isn't about consumers safety, it's about personal property
  3. macOS command line tricks and tips
    Set current user profile image, display 24H time in the menubar and more.
  4. The U.S. is a Failed Experiment
    What started as an Enlightenment experiment in democratic capitalism had the wrong assumptions of the human spirit from the beginning
  5. Testimony on Defunding the Police in Somerville by Paige P.
    Saying “defund the police” means taking money away from a racist organization that supports white supremacy and oppresses and kills people of color.
  6. Testimony to Defund the Police in Somerville
    A more just society that applies to all members of our community is one without police
  7. On Looting
    Looting is an obvious response to the glorification of consumer products
  8. Ember Templates: Classic vs Angle Bracket Syntaxes
    Diving into the difference between Ember component invocation when using curlies, angle brackets, and s-expression in Ember templates.
  9. Elasticity Versus Discipline
    A central issue of contestation is elasticity versus discipline, elasticity for me and discipline for you, alchemy of banking and money funding for me, austerity and debt for you.
  10. Warai Otoko (笑い男) Animated Logo
    Animated SVG logo of an asset from Ghost in the Shell using CSS transforms