About 0xADADA

Artistic rendition approximating the likeness of 0xADADA.

0xADADA writes software, does motorsports, and writes essays about the impact of the attention economy on idleness, time, and lived experience. ✍️🧑‍💻🔧🚗⏳🔒

0xADADA works on open source, web, and cybersecurity projects from the Boston area; graduated from Northeastern University with degrees in Computer Science and Cognitive Psychology—focusing on Artificial Intelligence & Human-Centered Computing.

My book

Cover design for The Society of the Spectacle
Cover design for The Society of the Spectacle

I’ve written a book, a new English translation of Guy Debords’ 1967 work of philosophy and critical theory, The Society of The Spectacle. My edition isn’t as much a straight translation as it is an elaboration, or ‘remix’ that attempts to reveal more under the text than existed in the original and its various translations. Read my blog post about it

You can find it at Unredacted Word, or read it online


”@0xADADA is the hat expert.”

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”[he] often wore a colored T-shirt with the day of the week printed on it. At midweek he wore a green ‘Wednesday’ T-shirt; on the next day he wore a ‘Thursday’ T-shirt in navy blue.”

Joseph M. Reagle Hacking Life: Systematized Living and Its Discontents


  • Where do you live?
    Greater Boston Area, Massachusetts USA.
  • What do you do for work?
    I build internette.
  • What do you do for fun?
    Motorsports, drifting, racing, working on cars, hiking, adventures with my family.
  • When did you start web development?
    In 1996, shortly after I got on the internet in high school. I started a mock web consulting agency, and companies started actually hiring me to build their websites.