Backpacker, Web developer & open web enthusiast, privacy and encryption advocate. Recovering techno-utopian. Idealist.

0xADADA is a software developer working for AI and web related startups in Boston; graduated from Northeastern University with degrees in Computer Science and Cognitive Psychology.


In ‘04 I was employed by a series of technology concerns doing business as a software engineer, as a specialist in the production of web and mobile applications. I begin experimenting with Bitcoin toward the end of 2012, where I divided my time between taming web applications and analyzing Bitcoin. I attended M.65 Blockchain Technology class at the MIT Media Lab in the autumn of 2015. Shortly afterwards I left Nara Logics, and moved over to fintech. I have been there ever since.

Occasionally I get away from Boston for a few days, to attend the meeting of some Meetup society or for a trip to the mountains. Regularly during the spring and summer and fall I get “up river” or into the woods on weekends and holidays to make up for the hours which I have to waste in the office.

I never have had time nor strength to take any part in “public” life, but I have managed to do a good deal of open source development work in connection with technical problems on the web and with the occasional rabble-rousing with various social justice groups. Once in a while I publish an essay on my site. I belong to twitter, as well as to other online communities., and I am also a member of the Ember.js Meetup Community of Boston. Otherwise social media does not appeal to me.


@0xADADA is the hat expert. @qtychr

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